September 2022
Hello Club Members,
The Auburn Auction is what is on my mind.  Thanks to World Wide Auctioneers for bringing the auction back to near what it used to be.  I hope that you all were able to get there.  The auction company was generous enough to offer us free 3 day VIP passes worth $50.00 each.  I received 12 of them, and that wasn’t enough to go around for all of you that wanted one. 
The quality of the cars there was fantastic, along with quite a few great cars in the car corral.  The swap meet is also making a come back.  The change in locations seemed to work well with the huge air conditioned Kruse building housing so many stunning cars, including the auction ring. They seemed very well organized and even had waiters taking food and drink orders in the seating area.  I look for things to just get better in the coming years.  I now have had my qota of chrome to last me through the Winter months.
On August 6th was The Wheels and  Wieners Cruise-In at Pretty Lake hosted by club members Ken and Di Hensch.  Those attending included Greg Minnich, Daniel Buell, Keith Landis, Gus Burell, Bud and Freda Gibson, Bob Steffan, and our hosts Ken and Di.  Congratulations to Gus Burell, winning the ‘Peoples Choice’ Award for his beautiful 1965 Thunderbird Convertible.  Our thanks to club members Ken and Di for inviting us!
August 10 thru 14th was The VTCI International Convention in Kansas City.  Club members attending included Kevin and Diane Mark, driving their Pacific Coast Thunderbird and Wayne Settlemeyer showing his 1966 Thunderbird Convertible along with his matching 1966 Thunderbird Junior.  I imagine that it was quite a hit, when showing off it’s sequential turn signals. 
August turns out to be a rather busy month for us as August 14th was our annual tour of beautiful Lake Wawasee aboard The S.S. Lily Pad II.  On the morning of departure, a light rain was falling in The Fort, with predicted chance of Thunderstorms that later in the day.  It looked like we might have to cancel.  A call to the Frog in Syracuse assured us that the weather reports there predicted the storms moving off before our arrival time.  Our caravan headed North.  The day ended up being a little chilly on the water, with most of our members staying down stairs in the enclosed cabin.  We were served a nice lunch to our around 40 members attending.  The only thing missing was Mr. Sun.  Still, a most enjoyable day!
September 17th is our annual meet at Mike Anderson’s Chevrolet in Ossian, IN.  Let’s meet at our usual place for this event, Morgan’s Grill (former Waynewood Inn) at 8421 Bluffton Road.  Let’s try for 8:00 AM. 
Also we are invited by club members, Shari and Dan Shafer to The Bluffton Street Fair Car Show on September 17th at 6:00 PM.  See our website for more information.  on the Events Page. 
Just one more thing, it is hard to believe that there are still members that haven’t paid their yearly dues.  If you fit that description, you know what to do. 
That’s all the news from Hoosierland, COME FLY WITH US!
Best regards,
Roger Noll, President

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