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November 2018


Hello Club Members,


Well another great year of club activities is coming to a close.  It was an interesting year, with our ups and downs, good weather and bad.  It is always a fun time when we get together.  We gained two new members, Bryan and Sara Provines and their stunning 1958 Thunderbird Hardtop.  We also gained back former members Paul Karris and Barb DeFord but unfortunately due to failing health, they weren't able to attend any of our club outings. 




April 14th-The Living Faith Car Show in Yoder.  We have been doing this venue for a long time, unfortunately it was rained out this year.  This happens several more times this season.


April 21st-Annual Planning Meeting, this time held at Zianno's Italian Eatery.  We had a nice turnout from the club, a great lunch, and we came up with several new adventures for the year.  


May 20th-Thunderbird Appreciation Day.  We toured The Early Ford V-8 Museum in Auburn, learned of their large planned expansion.  We then had a late lunch  downtown at Mad Anthony's Brewing Company.  


May 26th-The River's Edge Car Show in Bluffton.  This is usually one of our best attended club events, this year only three Thunderbirds attended.  Not sure what happened, but miraculously, there weren't any other car clubs there that day, and we won The Club Participation Award!  


June 7th-10th was The VTCI Regional Convention in Minneapolis.  Unfortunately no members made the long drive. 


June 16th-The Kavalcade of Kool Car Show at the auction park in Auburn.  It was one of those very hot days with temperatures in the 90's, but with the help of shade trees and a light breeze, it wasn't all that bad.  Good attendance from the club.  Larry Kwolek who slept until noon and strolled in late took home the only club trophy that day. ? It was also attended by club member Bob Steffan and his newly restored 1965 White/black Landau.  He even added factory air to it!  This car is ready to be judged in Primary Senior Division.  Nice job Bob!  


June 29th-The Stars and Stripes Car Show at Huntington University.  It was held on the blacktop and was hot, hot, hot!  It really was a miserable evening.  In spite of the heat, we had around five Thunderbirds there.  If memory serves me, four out of 5 won plaques.  It was a small show.  


July 8th was The Kleenit and Kruisit Car Show in Bluffton.  (What is with these 'cute' names for car shows lately?)  Another hot day, but with the help of Bud's canopy, we made it through the day.  At least we didn't get rained on.  We looked nice with our worthy row of shining Thunderbirds.  Keith Landis wins in the top 20 awards for his 1963 Tucson Yellow Convertible.  


July 11-15th, The VTCI International 50th Anniversary Convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  No club members made the drive.  We seem to do better when conventions are within 200 miles of us.  


July 28th-Rock the Fort Car Show held at Sweetwater Cars.  It was a perfect day for a car show, nice attendance from the club, Wayne Redding with his 1966 Red/Black Landau joined us for the first time.  Several  of our cars won trophy's.  


August 5th-Was the tour of Lake Wawasee aboard the 70 foot long S.S. Lilypad houseboat.  A great lunch was served and the bars were open.  Arrangements were made by club member Larry Sneary.  Good attendance from the club, Bill and Kathy Crowley were able to join us, as well as friend of the club Karl Fuhrman and Michiana Thunderbird Club members Vicki Thompson and husband came on board.  I even brought my sister Carol along as she has been bugging me to come to one of our Thunderbird events.  It was a wonderful day for cruising.  


August 7th-12th was the Silver Anniversary ITC Convention in Buffalo, NY.  They had a great convention planned, including a tour of Niagara Falls, unfortunately no one from our club made the trip.  Next year is in Cleveland,  easy drive! 


Somewhere during this time, I've lost the date, but the Lawton park car show that was flooded out was rescheduled.  We had a nice turnout from the club, our Thunderbirds did well, with four of them winning in the top 40 and we also won $100.00 for Club Participation!  We quickly decided to donate the money back to The Mizpah Shriners that sponsored the show, cause that's the way we roll.   


August 17th was to be The Motor Sports Car Show in downtown Decatur.  It was another day that Mother Nature had other plans.  Rain, thunderstorms, and high winds do not make for a successful car show.  Bummer! 


August 18th was the annual Hog Roast at club members Ken and Di Hensch's home on Pretty Lake.  The rain had moved on and it was a beautiful day, lots of good eats, a band playing, and a large crowd made the day.  Thanks Ken and Di for including us.  


September 8th-Kendalville Car Show, another wash out causing us to mow the grass more often.  


October 13th was The Autumn Harvest Festival in Columbia City.  OMG!  Are we nuts?  Started out with the temperature at 37 degrees.  It was a nice day after the sun came out, made it up to 45,  lots of good eats including chili soup made over an open fire, carmel corn, and fresh out of the oven pecan rolls to die for.  We had six Thunderbirds there, not bad for such a cold start.  It wasn't our day for awards.  Columbia City is known as a Chevy town, and new Corvettes seemed to rule the day.  It was a fun day anyway.  


And finally, October 21st was our Fall Color Tour of The Wabash River, Salamonie Reservoir, Roush Lake areas with lunch at The Twenty in Wabash.  We didn't see much color except green with some yellows mixed in.  If we had waited a week, we would have seen real bursts of color.  As with many of our events this year, we can't always depend on Mother Nature to be on board.  I am beginning to think that she doesn't like Thunderbirds!  Our thanks to Club VP Darrell and Sue Will for planning our last event of the season.  


If you see a veteran this week, be sure to shake his hand and thank him or her for their service to our country, and don't forget to get out and vote.  


That's all the news from Hoosierland for this year as we shut down for the big snow and cold.  Hopefully the Farmers Almanac is correct in predicting a mild Winter. 




Best regards,


Roger Noll, President



























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